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Creatures of eira Preview - The Airitech

El walked along the quiet road, her staff falling in a regular beat. As the moon crested above the dark forest se saw a shape of a giant wolf before her, yellow eyes gleaming in the night. “Don’t go that way lass, bandits are on the road this night.” The wolf spoke in a motherly tone. “Don’t worry; we will take care of it.” El blinked in surprise and the wolf was gone.

Type: Mortal, Cursed
Hit Dice: 5+5
Armor Class: 5 [14]
Attacks: Fangs (2d4), Claws (2d6)
Saving Throw: 12
Special: Howl, Magic Resistance 60%
Move: 12 [60’]
Alignment: Neutral, sometimes Law
Challenge Level/XP: 8/800

Airitech:  HD 5+5; AC 5[14]; Atk Fangs (2d4), Claws (2d6 ); ST 12; MV 12 [60’]; Al Neu; CL/XP 8/800; Special Howl, Magic Resistance 60%

Special Abilities
Howl – Once per encounter, typically when the Airitech is near death, he will let up a call that has a 75% chance of summoning 1d4 additional Airitech to aid him.

Long ago the human kingdom of Airitech faced their neighbors in a great war that brought about the shattering of the Kingdoms of the Four Brothers and birthed the first boggarts and evil spirits onto the lands of Eira.

In the last days of the war, as the Airitech soldiers marched through the kingdom of their foes, victorious and glorying in that victory, a woman, whose name has been lost in history, of the fallen kingdom. A mother to a son dead on the field of war, a wife to a husband dead from grief … an enchantress of great power, made a pact with the forces of the Outside.

With her new power, the woman demanded a single wish: that those who felled her people and her family would be what they truly were; savage wolves.

The woman never knew what happened; the power that rushed through her body killed her when it was released. Nor did she know that the Kingdom of Airitech never wanted war, which they only sought to protect their people and land. The damage was done, and with a scream of rage and pain that echoed across all of Eira, the people of Airitech were changed into the form of giant, brutish wolves.

Unlike normal wolves, the Airitech retained the minds and souls of humans as well as the ability to speak. They now hunt the deep forests of the world, not just for food but to find a meaning in their cursed existence.

Airitech can be found throughout Eira, but typically they stay in the deep forests of the North, near the Highlands where their kingdom once was. While not rare it is uncommon to find Airitech near developed land such as towns and villages due to their likeness to real wolves.

Since the curse took hold over them the Airitech have become a splintered people, and are now situated into twelve separate packs. However, once a year the leaders of each pack travels to the ruins of the Airitech capitol for Mote. Each pack has between 10d10 and 15d10 members.


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