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For Midgard!!! New Bundle of Holding full of Northern thews and dark fantasy

New Bundle of Holding is a Kobald Press take-over  with the City of Zobeck and Midgard campaign setting for Pathfinder. I haven't played the system in a few years but I'm willing to take a look and at the current bonus buy-in of $15.00 it isn't too bad for 8 books.

Been thinking of delving back into Pathfinder for awhile now since I haven't had luck with getting into and Swords & Wizardry games, and the Open Barrowmaze game I joined just never seemed to happen (not on the LL but on my part, 1900 Sundays turned out to be a problem).

So if you're interested in Northern/Western medieval dark fantasy this might be a good bet to look at.


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